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Livin on the beach for the winter

So I was on here purging spam from our comments and I figured I’d go ahead and put a little update up.  It’s not terribly exciting but I guess enough has changed to make it worthwhile.

After we finished traveling, Marisa and I headed to saint Louis to move her into law school.  I absolutely hated saint Louis and after a few days we said our goodbyes and I headed back south.  Over the next few months my friend Taylor and I really stepped up our whitewater kayaking.  There were a few weekends where we would take off in the RV on Friday and paddle a different river every day.  Taylor and I both aren’t exactly detail-oriented individuals so there were a couple phrases we said every day:

“Are you sure it’s this way”
“This looks familiar….sort of”
“We should have looked up the coordinates before we lost internet”
“damn, we forgot food”

We hit some of the more classic rivers focusing primarily on the Chattooga section 3&4 and green.


Despite my love for the mountains I decided to move to the beach for the winter.  I got an amazing place right on the ocean.


I’m planning to take off in the spring to Costa Rica (if the economy turns around a bit).  People don’t seem to be buying hoods like they usually do this time of year but it appears to be getting a bit better.  If everything goes well, I’ll hit up Costa Rica and try to make it across the northern half of the country with an emphasis on some wilderness creeks in S. Dakota and Washington.

I’m still not sure where I’d like to settle down or what I’d like to do to take my businesses to the next level but I would like to get into composites manufacturing for alternative energy.  Well I guess that was pretty specific.  Anyhow, I’m just looking for a foot in the door or some people with a bit more experience in the alternative energy industry.

I’m off for some play in the waves!