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We are back home in Clemson

After our fun times in Moab we drove on and got to Denver. We got in pretty late at night and had a hard time finding the rv park I had picked to stay at because there was a lot of construction in that area. Luckily we got there and Chris realized that I had picked out an rv park right next to a white water park so he could kayak in the morning.

Chris bought this really cool cherry wood acoustic guitar in Denver. We went to 2 different pawn shops but ended up getting this one for a good price from a unique place. The guitar sounds really good and Chris has already started to get better at playing it. After that Chris and I walked back to the rv where Chris saw a guy driving an old Jeep wrangler in distress. Of course Chris had to get out and go offer this fellow jeeper a hand in getting his car started again. Chris started walking over to him and then realized it was the creepiest looking guy ever in the front seat. He looked like Quasimodo except worse!! Luckily the Jeep started before he got there.

We drove through the city and went to Wynkop Brewery to have some yummy micro brewed beer and food. It was a 2 story bar/restaurant and of course we sampled every beer that they had. Chris fell in love with this one Chili flavored beer that they had and actually bought a growler of it to take home. It actually smelled and tasted like chili.

The brewery was right by the baseball stadium in Denver and there just happened to be a Rockies game that night so we decided to buy some tickets and head to the game, even though they were already losing. Instead of buying some scalpers tickets, another couple overheard us talking about going to the game and offered us their seats for 20 dollars only a few rows up in left field (they didn’t really want to go anymore since the Rockies were losing).

Oh ya and we had a really crazy experience on our drive to Denver at a KFC that involves me hitting an awning and Chris dragging the dirt bike behind the rv for 250 feet remarkably causing very little damage.

After Denver we drove FOREVER to get to St. Louis. Once we got there we checked out the law school, looked at apartments, and went to get drunk at the zoo err I mean Jammin at the Zoo 🙂 We only had two days there so it was very stressful to try and learn the city and where I wanted to live for my first year of school.

We left St. Louis and did the full drive back to Clemson in one long day. We haven’t written anything because we have been super busy trying to move out of our apartments.

Flashback to April

Shout out to our Kuhsie Duck!!!

When Chris, Kathy, Dennis and I went to the white water center in April to watch the Olympic trials, we didn’t know our little ducking would draw so much attention. Thanks to a Miss Sarah, the article was finally brought to our attention. Our duck is full grown now and living at her pond in Spartanburg for the summer while we are gone.


“Okay, okay … I’m a dog reporter and I thought I was done for the day but then I saw these people walking their … er … duck.
Chris Osborne (left) of Spartanburg, SC and Marisa Serrat of Cleveland, Ohio met at Clemson University and fell in love. Naturally, the next step was to adopt a duckling!

Kuhsie, a magpie duck, goes everywhere with the couple – including kayaking.
Kuhsie will weigh four pounds when she is full grown and have black and white spots. (Kuhsie is German for she cow. )”

We finally left

Hey everyone, last night our journey finally began after 3 long months of hard work, noise and mess. (Shout out to Kathy, Dennis and Kellie for allowing all that to happen!! Thanks again guys) Although we only made it about an hour down the road to Clemson for the night, we are packed and ready to head out tonight (maybe). We bought our first $75 dollar tank of gas (we realized that most gas pumps will not let you charge more than that in one purchase) and filled up our spare 5 gallon tank (since the gas gauge on our cool ride doesn’t really work). We also had to go get four new tires for the back thanks to some lovely dry rot that occurred during the restoration. We cracked open a bottle of champagne on the front (yes we know it is not a boat but it was still really cool) and backed down the driveway only to realize that I had left my camera at the house. Thankfully the whole Osborne/Zellner clan met us up at Ingles so we didn’t have to turn around our house.


The driving went well last night; Chris drove the first 45 minutes of our trip and I finally got a chance to drive the rv for the first time during the last 20 mile stretch to Clemson. I am sure my family is shocked considering that I would never even drive our old conversion van because it was too big. Even though Chris already changed the shocks, he still wants to try and make the rv wiggle less (I don’t know the technical term) when trucks pass us or the wind blows. Chris just went to the Advance Auto in Clemson and they couldn’t get the spring we need until tomorrow so we have been calling at least ten other places to see if anyone has something in stock. If he can get the springs, then we will leave here the second he is done installing them.

We have almost exactly six weeks now to complete our trip before we have to be back in Clemson to move out and before law school begins for me. I hope everyone can send us a few prayers so we:

a. Don’t break down

b. Don’t run out of gas (remeber, gas gage doesn’t work)

c. Don’t get a speeding ticket (which at this point is pretty impossible since we haven’t taken the rv over 55 yet)

d. Have a safe trip with no sickness or injury


We will try to keep up to date with the posting and pictures as much as possible. Please leave us comments and feedback, we would love to hear from you all on the way!!


Ps. Kellie try not to make fun of my spelling and grammatical errors because it is the summer, I am on vacation, and I have not yet figured out where the spell check is on this thing 🙂