Moab, UT

On Wednesday night we ended up stopping in Green River, Utah, about an hour outside of Moab. We weren’t tired or anything but we actually wanted to see the drive into Moab. Here we are driving one of the most scenic routes in the west… pitch black darkness. Green River didn’t really have much to offer; we couldn’t even order pizza once we got there because everything was closed by 11. We watched some Invasion episodes (Chris and I bought most of the series when a Hollywood Video was going out of business by his house. It has basically been what we watch anytime we turn on the tv. Its a sci-fi series that is about aliens taking over human bodies. We only have about 5 episodes left until we are done with it).

In the morning, we pay for our rv park and they give us a coupon for 3 cents off each gallon of gasoline!! (we saved about 50 cents) and a buy on get one free 6 inch Blimpie sub..(woohoo) AND a free bag of pop corn. We figure that had a retail value of about 4.50; which is always nice to save when you have already over drafted one of your debit cards (thanks Amelia for taking care of that for me). We arrive at Moab around 4 o’clock and started scouting out rv parks to stay at. We also went to a bunch of auto parts stores because Chris needed to get the rear wheel bearing replaced before our tire came off and we crashed. They finally found the parts at a store and the guy was super nice. By this point Chris called EVERY body shop in town and no one would fix it for us; Chris decided to just buy the tools he needed and fix it himself. (total cost for that, right around 100 dollars)

After driving through about 6 rv parks, we picked River Oasis Rv Park which is a few miles outside of town on the Colorado River. We pay our fee (30 dollars a night with our Good Sams Discount) and go to the spot the assign us. The guy working went on and on about how this is the best spot is the park and has the most shade there is. We pull in and walk out, there is zero shade and about a million mosquitoes. We go straight back up there to get our money back or get moved to a spot away from mosquito creek. We eventually move to a spot that is better and we get a 50 percent discount on buying 100 percent DEET bug spray.

So we spray up and open up our Yosemite beers (we had bought them before we camped overnight but hadn’t had a chance to drink them yet.) After settling in, we took the dirt bike into town to get some dinner. We went to this pretty nice pizza place that had a buffet but also had a full menu. (Chris has a thing about buffets and will not eat at one unless there is ample protection from germs; this one did not pass his standards) While waiting for our table, we went to the bar to grab a locally brewed beer. The waitress tells us that it is a private club and we needed to buy a 4 dollar membership to drink (with that membership we got 4 dollars off our meal so it evened out) About halfway through our beers, our name is called to eat. We carry our drinks out and we are stopped saying that we had to leave our beers at the exit of the bar area and have a waiter carry them to our table (some super weird Utah law, I have no idea what they gain by doing that).

Moab was awesome and we rented this really cool Rhino (offroading gocart thingy) to see the awesome wilderness there. Best 24 hours and 200 dollars spent ever. After wilderness camping we have a interesting KFC story to tell from our drive. We are now in denver and kayaked and drank beer. Almost over, I promise more updates soon.

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  1. kz | 21/07/2008, 22:39

    Note to Chris: You have done your Aunt Kelley (Queen of the Germaphobes)proud by refusing to eat off the buffet! That was payback for blowing her off in San Jose 🙂

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