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Montgomery, Alabama

“Sweet Home Alabama”

We finally made it to a new state!! We left Clemson this morning and did some errands before we started driving. We took 85 South through Georgia and drove 284 miles into Alabama for the night. We are only about 150 miles from the beach but we are hoping to still get the springs rebuilt in Montgomery.

For those of you who don’t know, Montgomery is the state capital of Alabama. Montgomery is also the capital and the birthplace of the Confederate States of America. The Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama in 1861. Jefferson Davis began the civil war in Montgomery by giving the orders to fire on Fort Sumter. It is known for large plantations, quaint living, and heavy accents; aka we are really entering the Deep South full of Alabamians (yes that is actually the appropriate word to describe people from Alabama.

So hopefully tomorrow we can start taking some pictures to show everyone. Our goal is to spend the afternoon in Montgomery and then head to the BEACH in Mobile for some much needed R & R.

Costs for the day- $115 gas, $50 new dirt bike tire, $12 Chick-Fil-A dinner, and hopefully $17 to park and plug in for the night.

Chris and I are both very happy to finally be on the road and we are now in the Central Time Zone. Those of you who know us well, realize that this is much more conducive to our sleeping patterns. Much love, Adios!!!

Touring Montgomery, AL

On Tuesday morning, we woke up from our first night of staying in a campground/RV park. I sweet talked the 95 year old man that ran the place into giving us a 20% discount making our stay cost right around $26 dollars. I went for a run and to look around while Chris ran Illstreet from the RV. The place we stayed was called Capital City RV Park. It was very clean and secluded, not too crowded either. There was also a pond nearby and a swimming pool. After we packed up, we headed over to the spring place and then took the dirt bike into Montgomery.


The sweet old man from the rv park told us to go to the visitors center for information and to catch the trolley. For $1 per person, you got to ride 2 different trolleys that had 20 minute routes that took you to all the sightseeing in the city. Chris and I lived up to our post-college graduate status and dug out $2 in pocket change (we aren’t used to having to carry cash yet, we literally used pennies).

We rode the trolley and by this point, we were starving. Every restaurant that we could see was closed, so we asked the trolley driver if anything was open and he said he would take us to a nice hot dog/hamburger joint. He drives out of his route to drop us off at Chris’ Hot Dog Stand, in honor of Chris of course. After going in we realized that the hot dog stand opened in 1920 and they had to turn it into a restaurant because it was so good that it blocked up traffic. Well Chris and I tried both the hot dogs and hamburgers with the secret chili sauce and it was AWESOME.


Overall, Montgomery was “eh” in our opinion. There was NO one there. Literally half of the real estate was empty and no one was to be seen in the streets. We feel like we saw everything there was to see there in 3 or 4 hours.