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ah, what the heck…. I’ll post a bit about the house

I got an email minutes after posting the last post so I guess I’ll post a little about the new house.
Konrad GorskiI’m living with Konrad (a long time pal who is in Charleston playing with an awesome band called Crowfield)


Then there’s Allyson who is just living in Charleston for the summer and working on Seabrooke Island.  Please take note of

me and AustinFinally, there is Austin.  I lived with him at Clemson and we’ve been buddies for a long time too.

So, the house is about 5,000 sq ft.  It is located in a gated country club where we have access to a pretty nice course, training facilities, a pool (5 minute walk from the house ), stables, a polo field, lots of jogging trails, etc.

Downstairs we have a game room, kitchen, huge pantry/catering quarters, a sun room, a giant living room, a bedroom, my office, the master bedroom which has 2 huge walk-in closets and a jacuzzi (which I love).

Upstairs, we have Konrad’s room, Austin’s room and a pretty sweet entertainment setup.  Both the upstairs and downstairs have xbox 360s with surround sound and 47″ tvs.

spanish mossNow for the outside, there is a 3 car detached garage which is going to be perfect for the RX7 and my new carbon fiber experiments 🙂 Also on the side of the garage is a place to park the RV and RV hookups (how perfect right?) The landscaping is just too much for us with all of the palms so we’re paying a company to do it.  The back yard is full of old growth oaks with spanish moss draping to the ground.  The property also butts up against the 14th hole of the golf course. Apparently a pretty major Revolutionary war battle was also fought on the historic property.

At the other end of the back yard the marsh starts and we have a nice covered dock.  This is where we seem to spend all our time.  Catching crab, shrimp and fish is crazy easy out there so if you ever want some blue crab let me know and I’ll have some cooked up in a couple hours.

It really is an amazing house and I’m lucky to have found such awesome people to live with. I’m excited about CR but also really excited to come back for the 4th of July.  We’re going out on the boat to wakeboard and tube and roasting a pig.  So… pictures speak louder than words.  \/ Check it FOOL! \/