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I’m the first one in New Mexico!!

(inside joke with my family that has spread onto a game with me and Chris)

We made it out of Texas. The rest of our drive was pretty uneventful until we realized that we were in the middle of NO where. We finally found a town to stop in and buy gas at that was under 4 dollars. We also stopped at Subway to get some food. It was WAYY better than any other Subway we had been too; they even had guacamole! After lunch, we realized the rv was making some funny noises so Chris stopped and changed the gear oil right in the middle of the auto zone parking lot making a HUGE mess. We stopped and took some nice scenery pictures and pictures of oil wells.

We do have one question though….where are all the people in Texas?? I get that we were in the middle of no where but we literally never saw anyone. Well we got an hour away from Carlsbad and we had a decision to make; which one of the one hour drives should we take to get there? We could either take the nice smooth highway that goes around the city and further or we could take the direct route on a rocky country road. Guess which one we choose….

Well I was scared on the bumpy road at first and Chris was loving it. I was just scared something was going to break. We passed by a bunch of cows that were right next to the rv and also stopped to take pictures. It looked like we were basically driving into the sunset. We got out at one point and Chris said we were far enough into the middle of no where, so we decided to shoot the gun. It was crazy because this was my only second time shooting ever. We each shot once into the lighting on the Horizon and it was exhilarating.


(Cactus picture above is a big joke in my family) I started to loosen up after that until I realized that we were 4 miles from the end and we rolled up to a creek! We got out to check out the depth of the water and Chris said that we could make it; and we did. From there the rest of the drive went well except that we were worried the gate or something would be locked by the time we got there. It wasn’t; we made it there safe and sound. Driving 15 hours wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. It was unlike any other area of the country that Chris and I had seen before.

We have arrived at Carlsbad.

Costs for the day- A good bit in gas (exact numbers soon) Subway $15, RV stuff $20