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Costa Rica

So it’s finally coming down to less than a week befor I leave for Costa Rica.  I finally got someone to go with me.  My good ol buddy from way back in the day is going with me.  Basically it was 3am and we were both on facebook, I shot her a message that said “hey, wanna go to costa rica?”  She said, “okay, when?” and we bought our tickets that night.  We’re leaving the 16th out of Charlotte and flying to San Jose.  I’m planning on renting a “luxury suv”.  Evidently to the Ticos that’s a montero sport.  Oh, by the way… A tico is what the locals in Costa Rica are called.

Beyond renting a car we really don’t have a plan.  We’ve picked up some info from various people since we decided to go.  We’re planning on hitting up all of the pacific coast, the cloud forest, a volcano or two, scoping out some whitewater/waterfalls and then heading over to the Caribbean coast for a little R&R, rain forest hiking, etc.  The dude I bought my boat from told us to go to the Lotus Gardens in Puerto Viejo.  I just googled it and that shiz looks mad tite so we’ll prolly hit it up.

Puerto Viejo