I’ve spent hours on this blog and we’ve only gotten two comments since we’ve been gone.  Post your questions, comments, concerns, etc.  It’s hard to write for such a quiet audience.  The blog had over 100 unique visitors come to it yesterday and NOBODY posted!  Let me know what to write about!


Also, if you read everyday go back and check out the new youtube videos I posted.

19 thoughts on “GRRRR!!!”

  1. I’ll be happy to leave a comment. I love it that you two are having such a great time! And, I appreciate that I can know that my baby girl is safe and happy! (Sorry, Lauren – had to do the “ole mother” thing – haha!) The photos are wonderful and I am about to look at the videos. I have never been out of the southern U.S., so I am amazed at your adventures!

  2. Ok so Konrad and I are trying to think of questons to ask and I’m sure you can imagine how this is going…Konrad is ofcourse says stupid stuff but we will ask anyways and you do with it what you want. ha
    He wants to know- How much is the gas, have you been doing any camping or sleeping outside, how’s the food, and mother Konrad wants to know do you have enough clean socks? Also are you missing being
    “…On The Reg”?

  3. Daniel passed a security guard, got on stage and did the truffle shuffle while the Dirty Dozen Brass Band played!!!

  4. Gas is about 13,000 colones for a little more than half a tank so assume thats about 10 gallons. The exchange rate is 580 colones to a dollar so that’s about $2.24 a gallon. The car gets awesome mileage.

    We haven’t really done any camping. Where we’ve been it’s rained at least a little while every single day and rooms are between $30 and $60 for a pretty nice room.

    The food is amazing. Everything is so fresh. A lot of places have papaya and mangos right there on the property. The coffee is grown right where we are right now in the monteverde area. Fresh fruit and cheese is an essential at every meal. A lot of places you can also order a platos tipical which is just kind of a sampler plate of whatever they’re good at making.

    I’ve only worn socks on two occasions, so I over packed on the socks a bit. We did our laundry in a sink at volcan arenal 🙂

    Yes, I miss you guys (and the reg) quite a lot. One more week and I’ll be back.

  5. It certainly has been an experience so far and we’re only half way finished. I’m doing this I’d never dreamed of doing. I’m your daughter and if I can do things like this it must mean you can too! 🙂 i just saw a parrot sitting here writing this to you!



  6. The videos are amazing. We loved the crocodile and driving on the beach videos. You are having an amazing experience. I, too, have never even seen the whole US let alone travel to Central America. I have learned so much from you guys–for instance, where the hell Costa Rica IS and that it is 3 hours behind us! lol. How is the weather? Are there tons of touristas? When are you putting up the videos of the zipline and the swing? Be safe, have fun, hugs to you both.

  7. I loved reading the blog and looking at the pictures and videos. Keep them coming. They are interesting and they let us know you guys are OK! My questions are: What are your plans for the rest of your trip? Has anything unexpected happened? What has been the most surprising thing about CR? Love you.

  8. Wow, it really looks like you guys are having an amazing time. The scenery is beautiful and the food looks delicious. It is great that you are sharing the photos and videos online. How much longer will you be there? I am going to start keeping up with you guys, so keep posting! And, watch out for those crocodiles! AHHH

  9. It’s actually 2 hours behind you guys. 1 hour behind PST. New videos will be up whenever lauren gets caught up on the blog posts. I’m about to post the rest of day 4. It’s mega long.

  10. We’re in montezuma now. We may stay here another day and then take a boat back to jaco and pick up the car (if its still there), then head south to domincal for a couple days and then back to san jose and the USA on the 30th. Tons of unexpected stuff has happened but nothing really big. A lot of places have advertised internet and then not had it. Jaco was a total dump also. The most expensive thing about Costa Rica is how expensive it has become in recent years. We expected it to be really cheap. It’s also been really easy to get around and communicate with the locals.

  11. That’s awesome. I love all the posts we’ve gotten in the past couple days. I’m sitting in an internet cafe answering all these posts and about to post more. There is just SO much to write about it takes a really long time. I have tons of pictures and videos of awesome stuff too post. Keep reading and posting!

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