Carlsbad, New Mexico

We drive into White City and see one gas station, general store, hotel and not much else. We got there in time to check into our rv park and pay $20 dollars to plug into the night. We park and hang up our cool, new, fun rv outdoor lights and make fun with our neighbors. We bring out the chairs and and our grill (for hot dogs) and started talking to our campsite neighbors. There were a few fun 40 something couple from Montana. Well we shared storied and moonshine until we realized that our hot dogs had been on the grill for over 20 minutes. (they were still yummy) After that we were pretty tired and new we had a busy day ahead of us so we just decided to watch a movies and go to bed.

Today we woke up around 9 (since we are now in the mountain time zone) and closed Illstreet for the day. Chris answered the first few calls but since we were going to be 800 feet below the ground, we knew we couldn’t get phone reception. We hiked down the natural entrance to the National park after driving the 7 mile scenic route on the way in. The natural entrance was awesome and definitely worth the hour walk over the elevators.

Yes mom, it was steep but my knee held out fine and Chris made sure to keep and eye on me. We took TONS of pictures today and even paid for a group tour of a restricted part of the cavern. After a few hours of hiking, we went to a very expensive grocery store and then hung out for an hour until the bats were released. Around 7:30 at night, hundreds of thousands of bats exit the cave to go out and eat for the night. The exit in huge swarms and it was really cool to see. Unfortunetly no cameras at all were aloud because they mess up the bats flight. Sooo we got to see it, but if any of you want to see it,you will have to go to Carlsbad.


We had fun riding the dirt bike in that area because the weather is just so perfect. We are happy to be our of the humidity of South Carolina. After the bats, we were really tired from all our hiking. We snuck back in the campground from the night before and built a fire overlooking the desert. It is not that easy to find firewood when a. its dark  b. there are prickly things everywhere  c. there is hardly any trees in the desert. Chris took his machete and started to cut down a dead tree so we made it work. We met 2 people tent camping by us when we went to warn them about the skunk action. They were a guy and girl only 17 and 18 from Wisconsin driving across the country doing a similar trip to ours (except they don’t have a sweet rv). After the fire, we just put a movie in and went to bed since we knew it would be a longgg day tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Carlsbad, New Mexico”

  1. Re: Carlsbad, New Mexico

    uncle kevin | 24/06/2008, 19:00

    hey if youve got a gun on you why pay for any parking at all ??????????????? haha

  2. Re: Carlsbad, New Mexico

    Reese | 24/06/2008, 23:53

    Haha we were defiantly tempted, we are also armed with a full septic hose that we can dump anytime…so watch out!

  3. bats and caverns

    michael garcia | 17/07/2008, 00:51

    I LOVED carlsbad caverns. I made my friends stop there when we drove to CA from SC. The bat release is SO intense, and amazing!!

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